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Best Things To Do for Holiday in Batu Ferringhi

The Beauty of Penang

Looking for a holiday plan at Batu Ferringhi Beach Hotel to spend your holiday well in Penang Island?

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And Would like to search for the best Penang hotel that offers the best deal in order to save your pocket money to buy some local souvenir for your family and friend?

Don’t worry, just by inserting the “hotel in Penang island Malaysia” at the search engine, you could find a ton lot of result that relating to Penang.

Whether you are looking for a hotel near the seaside or at the center city of Georgetown, you will have several choices for Penang hotel booking.

That goes without saying; Penang has always been the foreigner and local favorite destination.

Today, Penang is still famous, but for different reasons and owns preferences.

Some are going to go for food-hunt at Penang.

While some are going to Batu Ferringhi seaview beach resort In Penang to enjoy the life at the beautiful beach.

From having delicious food like Char Kuey Teow to hotel and resort in Penang that serves the best hospitability, it really lives up to its name.

Even back in the colonial times, many traveler and immigrants from all over the world would look for the best beach resort in Penang and flock to its shores.

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Top 3 Favourite Places in Batu Ferringhi

Let’s take a look at the top 3 favorite things to see-and-do in Batu Ferringhi before you check out of this thriving beach strip.

1. Wet World Wild

Slides, flumes, and water tunnels – they are all can be found at Moonlight Bay’s Wet World Wild which located nearby Batu Ferringhi hotel.

If you are looking for a wet and wild time in the water, it is a must place for you to go.

Indeed, it is a great place to make a splash.

It features the ten giant, inflatable blue, green and yellow ‘rafts’ that have been designed to allow kid and adult to enjoy the water activities easily and safely.

There is even a vertical ‘rock-climbing’ raft with hand and footholds which making it easier to reach the top of the mound.

2. Batu Ferringhi Beach

When it comes to Penang, you don’t want to miss out this beautiful beach in Penang.

Batu Ferringhi is one of the Penang Island most stunning bodies of water.

Just imagine the powder white sands spilling out onto turquoise blue waters, it creates perfect scenery.

It is perfect for someone who likes to enjoy the sea breeze and strolling along the seaside.

You just to look for a hotel in Batu Ferringhi beach and you will enjoy the amazing scenery from Batu Ferringhi beach.

Although most of the strip is taken up by luxury Penang resort hotel, there are quite a few affordable hotels for you.

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3. Batu Ferringhi Night Market

Certainly, Jalan Batu Feringghi did come alive every night as vendors set up multiple rows of stalls along the streets.

Form the fake designer bags and some cheap pirated DVDs, to some handmade local souvenirs and local artwork, you name it.

You are basically could find everything at the night market, and of course, most of it will be in inferior quality with cheap price.

The best thing is you even can bargain for the best price.

Here is a piece of advice for you, if you like something, don’t buy it first.

Talk a walk along the strip, check out other stalls to see if there any stalls that might be offered a better deal for the same item.

If not, you can head back to the original stall and bargain for the best rate.

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