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Guidelines to a Successful Chinese Traditional Wedding

Just like wedding ceremonies of the west, the Chinese wedding ceremony requires enough time for the right preparation. For a traditional wedding ceremony, there are some differences like the wedding colour for the dress and the desired decorations. In case you have plans of holding a traditional wedding, you need to follow the five things below.

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Wedding décor that celebrates your event and wishes the couple contentment is necessary for the home of the bride as well as the area of the reception. Banners to welcome people need to be in the home that the couple will be going to. Just like the Chinese wedding dress in Malaysia, wedding décor bought from the Chinese bridal shop in KL are made from red and other bright, lively colours.

Rituals for the couple

On the wedding day morning, the groom and bride will go through various rituals. The bridegroom will undergo the Shang Tou ritual performed by a woman with living by relatives like the spouse, children, or parents to wish them well. The groom, in the meantime, will undergo the capping ceremony.

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Wedding Door Game

This is a vital part of the Chinese ceremony to test the extent to which the groom covers about the bride. The friends of the bride will block the groom from entering the home by asking about her personality. The groom will have to answer questions and provide token money in red envelopes.

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Tea ceremony and wedding ritual

In other weddings, couples exchange vows. In the traditional Chinese weddings, the couples kneel and bow thrice to earth and heaven, their parents, ancestral tablets, and to one another. After finishing the ritual, they will serve tea to relatives and parents in seniority order. She will in return get gifts like li shi and jewellery bought from the Chinese wedding accessories shop in Kuala Lumpur.

The wedding attire

The Chinese wedding dress, we called it qun kwa” in Malaysia can buy or rent from the bridal shop in KL. Apart from that, the bridegroom will do some preparation during Guo da li in Malaysia. Gou da li means the bridegroom’s family side will send some traditional wedding gifts for the bride as an appreciation for their married. The reason is that red represents good luck and joy. It is good to take time to find the best red attire. However, in your search, it is crucial to know that we dress for women is a dress known as the cheongsam or the qipao. The clothing for both men and women have a dragon and golden phoenix designs. For the shoes, try going for silver or red shoes that match with the gown.

Wedding Food

Fish is the main meal at the wedding because the name fish in Chinese is similar to the term abundance. Serving fish on your wedding is a wish of wealth for the couple. Apart from fish, the wedding banquet includes roast suckling pig to represent the purity of the bride, chicken roasted in red oil to show prosperity and Phoenix,  lobster also called the dragon shrimp, and a pigeon to symbolize peace in the near future.

Traditional Chinese wedding ceremony is just like other weddings because it requires effort and time to prepare it. The morning rituals and door games make the event exciting and memorable. To make sure that everything goes well, you need to get to the Chinese wedding accessories shop in Kuala Lumpur to buy the things required for preparation.


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