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Sabah-A Destination for Borneo Travel & Tour Holidays Deal Package Trip

Sabah is one of the attractive Borneo Holidays Travel Packages Deal by Avasee Asia Agency in the world that is blessed with captivating cultural diversities and incredible natural wonders. It hosts the oldest rainforest in the whole world, the majestic Mount Kinabalu, and the paradise island of Sipadan.  Therefore, Borneo holidays come with unlimited travel packages from diving through an excellent spot to eco-tourism. All you need is the best Travel Agency Kota Kinabalu & Tour Package for Local Tourism and you will get to enjoy all these sceneries.

One good thing about getting around Sabah is that it is convenient and quite affordable. The region has domestic flights and modern infrastructure that will help you get into the major towns. Once you touch the Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Sabah, get ready for an exciting experience that is unique. You cannot compare Borneo holidays with any other vacations in the whole world.

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When it comes to eco-adventure tourism in Sabah, you can participate in the thrill of the jungle Borneo trekking, white water rafting, climbing Mount Kinabalu, expeditions of four-wheel drive, and watch animals and birds in their natural habitats. You can experience the Sabah Borneo Climb Mount Kota Kinabalu & Mountain Trekking. It is one of the challenged activity in Sabah Borneo. If you want to move away from those beaten paths, you can add flavour to your unique experience by visiting one of the traditional villages of Sabah. This will give you an exclusive opportunity to sample one of the local delicacies and have some time to immerse yourself in the traditional and local culture. This is one of the Malay Homestay programs that allows tourists to have an experience of a totally new and unique way of life. Besides, Gaya street Kota Kinabalu is also a very crowded bazaar during the weekend in Sabah.

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If you have a passion for golf, you will be ready to go gaming once you check in at any resort that has a golfing course. Sabah is a great paradise for golf enthusiasts. Anyone who enjoys golf can enrol for these world-class golfing courses like Robert Muir’s Sabah Country and Golf Club. The others include Borneo Country and Golf Club by Jack Nicklaus, Graham Marsh’s Sutera Harbor Golf Club, and the renowned Nexus Karambunai Resort Golf Course that was designed by Ronald Fream.

If you possess an ocean-going boat or enjoy sailing, the marinas and yacht clubs of Sabah are well equipped. The most modern one is the Sutera Yacht and Harbor Club that is strategically located in the city limits. Sailing boats, powerboats, and cruisers have also been availed for charter. Sailing in the Sabah waters gives you a unique view is the beautiful Borneo Island.

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You can also explore the North Borneo that is now known as the magic of Sabah, Malaysia. Malaysia also has a world heritage that serves as a gift to the whole world that is known as Mount Kinabalu. From world-class golf courses to world-class dive sites, Sabah delivers an exclusive experience that is unforgettable. The Kota Kinabalu tour packages give you an opportunity to reside in Sabah and make it a second home, especially for your honeymoon package deal. You can go for the Borneo Orangutan tour and view some of the endangered monkey species. The day trips in the region will also allow you to see some of the beautiful but rare bird species of the world.

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