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The Importance of Physical Security in the Workplace


In the age of hacking, phishing and social engineering, it is to neglect the physical or environmental security.

From key phone system to CCTV, the physical security is unequivocally as important as its logical cybersecurity counterpart.

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There are many businesses spend vast amounts of time and money that merely focused on firewalls and encryption software to protect their IT systems and data.

Physical security threats could be from internally or externally, man-made or acts of nature.

Unfortunately, physical security is often being overlooked in the debate over the cybersecurity.

As mentioned before, there are fewer measures used for physical security and no one pays heed to its attention which mostly on technology-oriented security.

Therefore, this would give a slip-up and gives the attacker a chance to exploit the data or open ports.

Every organization should know how to mitigate the tangible threats in their area, which may include:

  • Malicious insiders
  • Service or utility interruptions
  • Natural disasters
  • Sabotage

How to mitigate the physical security threats

Certainly, some of the physical threats are more easily mitigated than the others.

It would be significantly easier to bar entry to a malicious insider by enforcing the access control measures – door access control system in Malaysia.

You could ask for a professional network cabling contractor or CCTV Installer to integrate your security system.

You could enhance your security system with the latest Panasonic Pabx system from Pabx system Malaysia.

Thus, you reduce the risk in the physical space as you could monitor every action and activities through the monitor or even control it through the IP phone Malaysia.

There are several ways to mitigate risk in the physical space, that including adding the control mechanism like:

  • Access control
  • Intrusion protection and detection
  • Site layout

Access Control

It is crucial for every organization to take the access control system into account.

This is because well-secured access controls system could prevent the strangers, visitors or vendors from simply obtaining the access to equipment or information that are confidential.

The using of card swipes or fingerprint system could ensure the public is corralled away from accessing sensitive information or assets.

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Either of these methods would provide an audit trail, which can be invaluable because any potential malicious to-be could be easily tracked within the facility.

 Intrusion Protection & Detection

In addition, you could have the best brand of CCTV from the CCTV supplier or install a motion detector to complement the use of key cards.

If the key process were subverted, at least the system would alert you about any trespasser via the motion detection and engage the video recording on the projector screen.

Site Layout

Without a doubt, your organization’s site layout plays an incredible aspect in protecting the assets it contained.

The people and hardware could fall victim to the crime, emergencies or any unethical acts likes eavesdropping or voyeurism if not properly functioned or prepared.

A low-profile design can help prevent all of these potential threats.

Lower visibility has always become one of the biggest threats like criminal breaking into your building or the next door.

Thus, consider using a key card system to lock doors and track who and when that individual accesses of each of the space.

This definitely could help to secure the store equipment and others confidential documents that containing sensitive information in space with scrutinized access.

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