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Time Internet Business: Providing Strong Affordable Connections for All

The Internet has become a necessity. Everyone talks online. A lot of businesses get their clients and customers online. In this digital world, you can’t afford to be left out and to do that, you need a strong, stable internet connection for home and business.

So how do you exactly get the best connection? Simply go to Time dot com my. TIME offers complete fibre network solutions and other services well suited for home and business use. If you need a fast and reliable internet connection, then don’t hesitate now and go over to Time dot com my.

For discussion’s sake, here’s an overview of the Time internet business, the Times internet package and their fibre connection.

Time Internet Business

Time is a telecommunications provider that offers fibre home broadband connections. They offer the fastest internet connection in Malaysia. Even before the company was listed on the Malaysian stock exchange, they have provided businesses and homes with the best telecommunications solution here in Malaysia.

time fibre

Times Internet Package

Times fibre connection is designed to cater to homeowners, small businesses and large enterprises.

·         Time Fibre Home Broadband Connection

There are three plans under the Time fibre home broadband connection. Their plan starts at RM149 for 100mbps for both download and upload. The next one is 500mbps and they also have the 1GB plan if you really want your internet connection to fly.

times internet package

With these plans, your Time WIFI can accommodate several devices without buffer and hiccups. If you need a wider coverage, you can always get a TIME WIFI boost. Their wifi booster eliminates dead zones in your home, allowing you to enjoy browsing online while relaxing in the pool or taking a shower.

·         Time Coverage for Small Businesses

The time coverage for small business is very extensive. If you want a start a business, then you probably need to consider the location to get the most benefits from the Time coverage.

Like the home connection, the connection for small businesses has 3 plans. The lowest is at 20Mbps with 2 Voice Lines and 2 Single Line Phones. The 50Mbps and the 100Mbps are designed for medium and large size companies. Like the 20Mbps plan, the 50Mbps and the 100Mbps plans will have dynamic IP and a 24-month contract.

·         Time Enterprise Solutions

The enterprise solutions offered by Time is on a whole new different level. They have a wide range of services to choose from. They offer leased lines and dedicated IPs. You can even specify the bandwidth that you need for your business.

This package is perfect for large enterprises that have strong requirements for internet connectivity. They have consultants that can help you find the right plan for your business. Aside from their main service offerings, they also offer to add-ons such as TIME Secured Internet, TIME Bandwidth on Demand, TIME DDoS Shield, TIME Managed WiFi, TIME Managed Virtual Router, TIME Managed Perimeter Solution, TIME Internet Disaster Recovery (IDR), TIME Managed Virtual Firewall and more.


Time offers the best telecommunications provider here in Australia. If you don’t believe it, try to head over to their website. You will be in awe of their service offering. Because of the quality of their service and their amazingly fast and reliable connection, Time has become the number one favourite internet service provider here in Malaysia. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to their website and signup now!

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