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Top Tips for Decorating with Wallpaper Singapore

Since the past few years, wallpaper Singapore has to experience a renaissance phase where it has become the popular choice of interior design. Indeed, wallpaper has become increasingly common for every homeowner in amplifying their house.

In fact, no one would understand the transformative power of quality wallpaper rather than cheap wallpaper in Singapore. Perhaps, wallpaper gives one of the most maximum-impacts moments you could create in today’s interior design. It has the Midas touch to transform a meh room into something magical.

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Tips on Choosing Wallpaper for Your Home

1. Test Before You Buy

If you have a concern about wallpaper Singapore price and couldn’t make up your mind, make a small amount of investment and buy one roll to pin up in your room.

Thus, you can observe and see how it makes you feel and whether you could commit to it in the different lights of the days. Well, it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Start with a Small Step

Next, a great introduction of wallpaper or wall sticker in Singapore is to put them in a powder room. If it looks stunning and reassures you, you can proceed with papering on other room.

Another space that you can start is the closet as it is considered to be private and personal space. You can begin by wallpapering your dressing room with tone-on-tone Schumacher paper, that will create a beautiful subtle space for your room.

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3. Be Bold

If you are going to commit to wallpapering your room, then you will need to go for it and wallpaper the whole space will create a cohesive, glamorous interior for your room.

Some people are not into the accent wall as it gives out a very old-fashioned vibe. You should be bold enough to embrace the big pattern. A patterned wall actually could make the room appear spacious and lively.

4. Trust Your Instinct

To exhibit a flawless-looking space, it is not about how expensive or where to buy wallpaper. It is all about your confidence in putting the effort of wallpapering. Still, you should at least know that different wallpapers work with different types of architectures.

If you are fancy contemporary homes, you could use the wallpaper that has texture such as natural fiber or woven papers. You could utilize it sparingly, but the texture of the wallpaper will add so much warmth into space.

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5. Mix & Match

There is no exact rule that indicates which is right or which is wrong in wallpapering. Thus, you can always use your creative imagination to create a new masterpiece for your room.

You can mix all of them in the same color palette, and don’t get surprised with the result!

In addition, you can have the borders or shapes of wallpaper that you can cut out. Literally, by cutting and pasting the wallpaper borders over paint color, you absolutely could make a beautiful statement.

6. You Can DIY

You can always do it by yourself, but it is not always a good idea if you are still new into the wallpapering world. Probably, it would be wise to use professional installers from wallpaper shop Singapore for the wallpaper projects.

If you are still insisting on doing it yourself, you should opt for the easiest option. However, if you have an expensive paper and you don’t have experience in doing the installing work, again, find someone professional who can do it for you.

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