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Top Tips Of Choosing a Good Home Interior Design in Malaysia

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The living room is the only place in the home that you cannot hide from your guests. In addition, you will find yourself spending most of your time with your loved ones in the living room. Therefore, you need to adhere to interior design Malaysia guidelines to make your living room more functional and comfortable. For better ideals, you may get Furmingo bedroom interior design for house renovation in Malaysia.

  1. Scale and Proportion

The proportion of your living is the size of the individual furniture pieces in relation to one another. A scale is a relationship that exists between the items that are in the room and the actual size of the room. A good designer will look at these two elements while designing your living room. You should not dwarf some pieces of furniture with oversized ones or lose your small furniture pieces with large ones. A computer or scale model on paper can help you to determine the right size of living room furniture.

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  1. Balance

The interior design of the living room should present some sense of evenness or balance. A room that has too many items on one side and very few on the other is not balanced. Other elements other than accessories and furniture can also offset the balance of your living room. For instance, having a dark couch and accent wall in some sections of the living room will make one side to be heavier than the others. An open concept kitchen cabinet design is very important to match up our living area.

  1. Contrast

You need to combine size, pattern colour, and style varieties to create visual interests in the living room. Put your creativity into practice by combining different elements to give the living room a feeling of unity and get a harmonious appearance. You can look at some of the contrasting elements in the interior decorating magazines to get the tips of how to create contrast for your house renovation in Malaysia.

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  1. Harmony and Rhythm

You can create rhythm by repeating a single element in your living room. This could be a special motif, texture, an accessory colour, shape or colour. On the contrary, you will achieve harmony in the room by allowing all elements to relate comfortably with each other with no standouts or obtuse. You can use a snazzy piece to draw attention to one place of the living room but the other regions also have to be noticed. One way to achieve both rhythm and harmony in the living room could be through artwork, window treatments, candles, throw pillows and other things that will strike you fancy. This will give you the repetition and rhythm that you want throughout the room. You can get all these accessories from a reliable online furniture store Malaysia.

  1. Texture and Pattern

You may desire to have some variety in the texture and pattern of your living room. This will create both tactile and visual interests. For instance, you can add textural interests to a smoothly textured coach using a busy printed blanket or shaggy yarn throw. You can incorporate this concept in the living room. These tips should guide your purchase of living room accessories from any online furniture store Malaysia.

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