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4 Essential Tips for laminate Flooring Installation

Solid wood flooring in Malaysia is of the DIY projects that you could tackle by yourself.

However, installing those hardwoods like timber decking or wood decking could present huge challenges for novice builders.

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Thus, if you are intending to install the floor by yourself, use these installation checklists of 4 amazing tips in assisting you in the project.

If you are first time installer, here are the important key points that you should not ignore.

Why? The reason is that you need to consider thoroughly a lot of factor in order to have a proper installation which definitely is important.

For the price factor, you could look for a better offer from any list of laminate flooring companies that might sell timber flooring in a cheap pricing.

Or you could opt for vinyl flooring during Malaysia promotion day for more choices from waterproof laminate flooring to composite wood decking, just to name a few.

In addition, the claims against flooring products usually turn out to be caused by the wrong installation, rather than the faulty materials.

This is the main reason why you should properly consider all factors and read all of the instructions provided by the manufacturer before laying your floor.

Each of the wood floor manufacturers may have different requirements and installation techniques. So, you don’t want to spend extra cost for it, right?

You should begin double check beforehand whether you have the correct amount of laminate wood flooring and all the accessories to finish your project.

Here are the tips that you should learn how to approach and execute the installation process smoothly.

  1. Floor Inspection

Make sure you do check if they have the correct pattern, colour and style before starting installation inspection for each of the flooring plank.

Inspect all the laminate planks for any visible defects. Make sure to pay close attention to laminate that was in the box that appears with visible box damage.

Wipe the planks with the soft cloth before installation to check the flooring surface. If you ever discover a problem after 3 boxes of laminate, do not proceed with installation and contact your material provider for assistance.

  1. Plan Ahead

Plan everything before you start the installation. Have all the necessary tools and accessories prepared including the transitions, proper underlayment, mouldings, and glue before you start.

Read the manufactured instruction, you should have a full understanding of the scope of the project and realistic expectations of time of completion before starting laminate flooring installation.

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Use all training resources available. Most of the manufacturers have on their website detailed instructions or have videos tutorials that teach how to install laminate flooring.

  1. Check your Subfloor Prior To Installation

You have to clear all loose debris and dirt before laying the foam underlayment. Make sure the subfloor is dry, level and in a good pair as well.

Replace all the damaged areas that have the nail or screw loose areas or areas that have been damaged by moisture.

  1. Acclimate Your Floor before Installation

Do not open boxes until it is time for installation, atmospheric conditions may permanently alter the product, which makes it difficult to install.

Before your start lying, your floor must be conditioned for at least 24 hours. Try to optimise the temperature and humidity at your job site.





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