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Definitive Guide of Public Relations Company in Malaysia

Have you heard any news from any top PR agency in Malaysia? A career in the PR industry is very challenging in contrast it is interesting too. Being a PR can meet a lot of funny people, but it is stressful sometimes. If you want to work in any PR agency, you are reading the right article.

While you are referring PR in this article, you must acknowledge the influencer agency is the best friend of PR in this industry. They are highly related to managing brand and reputation. Some PR seems influencer agency as competitor and vice versa. This is due they share some of the same characteristic and identity in the market.

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Moreover, the risen of social media influencer indirectly affects some of the PR agency. People nowadays view social media more than the other online platform. The engagement between credible influencer and his or her followers are becoming more active and obvious.

Whether you want to begin your career journey as a PR or a social media influencer, there are a few tips that you may want to know.  

Job Scope of PR

Firstly, you must know that PR is all about managing reputation. Your main responsibility is to build up a reputation and maintain it.

Briefly, PR needs to develop strategies and planning campaigns while preparing those press releases, speeches and promotional details. It also involves handling relationships with the main three parties which are stakeholders, media and public.  

In details, you are expected to dress smart, travelling, meeting clients, writing materials and so on if you want to work as PR. It is often that you may need to do an overnight job. These are the reality that every top PR agency in Malaysia is facing.

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The requirement from most of the PR Agency

There are some basic skills needed to prepare for a PR position. Here are some of the minimum requirement for most of the agency:

  1. Proficient communication and interpersonal skills
  2. Excellent writing skills prefer candidates with experiences in research
  3. Able to multitask, handle pressure, being organized and good in time management

These are part of the minimum requirements for most of the company doing public relations in KL. When you are browsing the vacancy requirement for PR, you will get more details on their responsibilities and requirements.

Don’t be surprised when you got to read through multiple pages of a job description for your PR vacancy. Not to mention that detail-oriented is one of the crucial factors in getting hired too!

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Public Relations Versus Influencer Marketing

Can you differentiate between PR and influencer marketing in Malaysia? You might wonder is there any relationship between these two. Hope you will get to differentiate the both in this final section.

Both the public relation and influencer marketing able to reach out to target audiences. However, public relations as mentioned previously, it is purposely for reputation management while influencer marketing is building a brand.

The main difference between the both is PR focus heavily on building connection and relationship among public however, influencer marketing is the exposure of the brand to raise awareness among the target audience.

Public relations comply with implicit strategy and plans, in contrast, influencer marketing comply direct purpose and approach. However, sometimes both the public relations and influencers go for vice versa too!

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