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Explore The Laboratory’s Equipment and the Use of it.

There are different types of laboratories used for scientific research due to different kind of specialists in the various area of science and engineering. 

A chemist or biologist laboratory called wet laboratory, while a physics laboratory might consist of a particle accelerator or vacuum chamber. 

Engineers design, build and test technological devices in their laboratories.  These laboratories can be known as learning spaces and research room in schools, industries, military and also in ships and spacecraft.

ibc pallet

What is the equipment of the laboratories?

Various tools and equipment are used by scientists working in a laboratory.  Bunsen burners and microscope are the classical laboratory equipment, however, calorimeters, spectrophotometers and operant conditioning chambers are the speciality equipment.

Chemical Laboratory

In chemical laboratories, it contains laboratory glassware like the beaker or reagent bottle.  Besides that, it has analytical devices as HPLC or spectrophotometers. 

Chemical cabinet in Malaysia is used to keep dangerous liquids safely organized and segregated just like the flammable cabinet.  Also, improve the security of hazardous chemicals with locking mechanism. 

ductless fume hood

Molecular biology and life science laboratory

In molecular biology and life science laboratories, the equipment is autoclave, microscope, pipette and many more. 

It is also important to have ductless fume hood for protection of the user from inhaling toxic gases and to protect the environment.

What is the safety measure taken in laboratories?

Hazards are present in many laboratories.  Poisons, explosive, flammable or moving machinery are some of the laboratory hazards. 

Others are radioactive materials, extreme temperatures, strong magnetic fields or high voltage.

That is the reason that safety measures are crucial.  To minimize the scientist or worker’s risk, rules are implemented to ensure the employer would prioritize the safety of their employee. 

fume hood

For the protection of the lab users from any injury or to provide assistance in responding to an emergency, safety equipment has to be used.

The safety equipment that is widely used is spill pallet, emergency shower/safety shower and fire extinguisher.

A spill pallet is designed to hold containers of oil and fuels as a secondary containment product.  Size of it is either a 205-litre drum or an intermediate bulk container.  However, the spill pallets can also come in variants of sizes to accommodate multiple containers.

Usage of chemicals and hazardous substances in every laboratory make it vital to have equipment like emergency eyewash and emergency shower station. 

Its purpose is to keep workers away from all kind of dangers and to reduce workplace injury.  If the chemicals accidentally spill on the body, workers can wash it right away, to minimize the harm it does to the body.

The Usage of Laboratory Fitting

In a laboratory, two most important aspects will be cleanliness and efficiency of it.  For successful research, laboratory design is vital. 

There are many important laboratory fittings must be included in the design of your laboratory, in order to create your desired laboratory. Check out Method Malaysia and get to know more about the laboratory fittings.

One of the fittings is the fume hood.  A fume hood is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapour or dust. 

chemical storage cabinet

It is to protect the product or experiment and environment, also protect to use from inhaling toxic gases.

Another fitting is laboratory workstation.  The durability of it depends on the type of wood used to build it.

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