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How to Plan a Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Malaysia

When was the last time you ever had a romantic dinner date with your partner?

With the time constraint, maintaining romance can be really stressful.

Besides, it is not a surprising fact as most of the typical dates like going for the best restaurant in KL can be expensive. Check out Marble 8 for the fanciest western restaurant that serves wagyu beef.

candle light dinner in kl

From going out for the best steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur after seeing a movie, that is going to make a hole in your pocket in one night!

So, make this February 14th as a special day to compensate for the sweet time that you and your partner should have.

Here are the 3 creative romantic things to do with each other at Valentine Date:

1. Cook for you Date

They say the food, especially for the best wagyu beef steak, is the best remedy. But it is better if you add some of your own personal touches to your Valentine’s Day meal.

Forget about having to spend the money on the best wagyu beef at the luxury restaurant.

romantic dinner kuala lumpur

Show and express your love and sincerity with your home-cooked meal for your date.

This also helps you to avoid fighting with the crowd for having to make a dinner reservation on this busy day.

Make sure to plan out the recipes you want to make so you get all your ingredients bought and ready ahead of time.

It is always a good idea to get extra, just in case you make a mistake or miscalculate your measurement. As the saying says, prevention is better than cure.

To avoid messy foods that could spoil the romantic atmosphere or ruin nice clothes that you and your date might be wearing.

Stick to the foods that you both will enjoy, and perhaps of a slightly higher quality than you normally eat.

It is crucial for you to set the mood for your homemade meal by lighting candles, setting up the flowers or playing some soft romantic music.

Now, who said that your house cannot be the best place for candlelight dinner in KL?

2. Order food to eat at home

Get the best of both worlds of eating out and dining in by getting takeout or delivery from your date’s favourite restaurant.

You too could enjoy eating in comfort and have some privacy at home as well.

Bare this in mind; mostly every restaurant will be busy on this day, even for deliveries or takeout orders.

Save your time by making an advanced order for the food.

So, you could pick it up or having it to deliver by the time you expect.

3. Make the reservation at a restaurant

Well, making a reservation at the lavish restaurant is the most common choice for every couple to enjoy their Valentine date.

However, you too should call ahead far in advance to reserve the table at a favourite restaurant.

romantic dinner in kl

This is also an opportunity for both of you to dress up and enjoy some great cuisine whilst spend the time together.

Moreover, you don’t really need to have dinner at someplace that is expensive or super fancy.

Sometimes, a small and common location can create a meaningful moment and add up a bit the sentimental for your date too.

When you are planning to try a lunch reservation, make sure to arrive early to avoid the busy dinner rush that most restaurant will have on the holiday.

You also could request the staff to surprise your date with a special dessert or have in-house band or musician play on your date’s favourite song.

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