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The Main Rules for Drinking Alone at a Sky Bar in PJ

Popping into the bar in PJ for a solo drink always seems like a brilliant idea. You are there in your own terms; you don’t have to wait on any of your buddies. And you don’t have to initiate the conversation with an early Tinder date. Perhaps, you should try to win the favour from your favourite bartender. 

In reality, things don’t always match up with this lonely breezy, solo-drinking dream. You even might not have a seat for you to enjoy the nightlife in Petaling Jaya. If you live in a metropolitan city that surrounds with dozens of bars and pubs, these could be quite intimidating. 

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You might be wondering about how you could find a place where you could enjoy and feel welcome? Where should you sit? What drinks should you order? Don’t worry, here are the best tips from the best bartenders at the restaurant and bar in PJ.

Check out their best recommendation for rolling solo at the bar.

1. Choose Your Adventure

Do you wish to unwind yourself up without having much interaction, or are you open to having small talk with other customers? If your answer is the former, then pick a sick at the end of the bar. 

The end seat always recommended for those who want to get a cozy spot at a corner of the rooftop bar and enjoy your time alone. But if you’re going to meet someone new, you can position yourself in the middle of the bar where people could sit around you. The key here is focusing on what you want before you are entering the bar. 

2. Avoid Peak Hours

It may sound a little obvious here, but when you are going to a sky bar in KL could affect your overall experience. Are you prefer to be left alone and decompress with a drink? Still, you will never achieve that if you are going to hip spot, especially during the weekend night time entertainments

You will never be going to reach peak zen by surrounding yourself with countless of different dates and birthday parties. So, it is always best to go during the off-hours. If you want to meet people at the bar, socialize as you did in the good old days – pop in for a happy hour!

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3. Chit-Chat with Your Bartender

Unless you want to be left entirely alone while indulging yourself with an alcoholic drink, you make yourself entertained by talking with the bartender. You can start the conversation by asking for some new something or drinks that strongly recommended by the bartender.

4. Make Your Bartender as Wingman

The bartender can be the bridge of you in introducing other solo drinkers if they sense they are open to it. For bars with seating, the staff might seat people who come alone next to each other to encourage and sparks a conversation.

However, if you are being somewhat creepy or giving another customer unwanted attention, then bartender might have to get involved. This is because their job is to ensure everyone could enjoy a good time at their services.

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5. Go Back as Regular Customer

It is no doubt that some people have the fantasy of wanted to become regular at a bar which often romanticized in various movies and TV shows. Well, going solo is an easy way for you to become a regular at rooftop restaurant and bar that comes with many perks too! Contact us now for more details.

Bartenders inevitably remember what your favourite drink is, and perhaps you might get some special service or drinks from them. If you want to become a regular, it is all about how you are establishing a relationship with the bar staff. 

Don’t ever expect it to happen after one or two visits – you need time and space to invest in the relationship! If you ever become friends with other regulars and bartenders, you will never be felt isolated when drinking alone.

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