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Tips That You Should Know About Contact Lens Malaysia

Contact lens Malaysia is very versatile and needs proper handling and care, having a pair must understand the pros and cons to prevent eye infections. For most Malaysian eye doctors, understanding what people wear for their eyes can create a big impact on their visual wellness.

While some other people tend to buy contact lenses online without seeking the advice of eye care experts, this might cause serious eye problems in the future. People must also understand that daily eye wears has a very wide range of classifications, and purchasing any of it must be prescribed by eye experts.

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Kinds of Contact Lens and its Usage

One of the many types of lenses is the daily contact lens worn, or commonly known as soft lenses. Soft lenses are made of soft silicone hydrogel lenses and are thin that cover the entire cornea and some portion of the sclera. It is designed to be worn daily, weekly, and there are also quarterly disposable lenses. Most of it is removed at night for cleaning and disinfecting.

Some can be worn for 30 days continuously including while sleeping. However, these types of lenses can cause a build-up of germs and dirt that can cause serious eye infections

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Another type of lens is RGP/GP (Rigid gas permeable/Gas permeable) lenses, it is made of durable plastic that transmits oxygen and it is also as oxygen permeable lenses. It is a rigid lens that floats on the layer of tears and covers 75% of the cornea.

RGP lens provides better vision, and durability than soft lenses. And since they are more durable than soft lenses, RGP lenses are less expensive in long terms, which means contact lens price may vary depending on the types prescribed.

However, compared to soft lenses that are instantly comfortable, RGP lenses takes time for adaptation before it becomes comfortable.

Also, RGP lenses offer more advantages than soft lenses. RGP lenses are made of firm plastic material and can retain their shape even when people blink which can provide sharper vision. 

What is the Best Lens for Astigmatism

The next type of lens is called toric lens Malaysia. Some people might think that having astigmatism won’t able them to wear wrong contacts. With today’s rising technologies, more and more options for contact lenses are being considered for the correction of astigmatism.

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Toric lens is usually described also as soft contacts and it is designed to correct astigmatism, Toric contacts are also made of either conventional hydrogel material or a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material. 

Toric lenses also have design features that enable the lens to rotate to its proper orientation on the cornea so that the power of meridians of the lens will align to the appropriate meridians of the eye for clearer vision.

And since every eye astigmatism is unique, and every toric lens has more complex designs, the cost of replacing toric lenses can cost more than the cost of regular soft contacts.

It can take more than one pair of soft lenses to find the right brand and the best fit that can provide visual comfort. And to some people, who are highly recommended to wear contacts, always visit the nearest eye expert who specializes in the fitting of lenses for consultation.

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