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Top 5 Issues Frequently Discuss in Fertility Clinic Malaysia

When couples are trying to meet up a doctor during fertility treatment, there are many enquiries and details can be discussed between the patients and doctors. When comes to the issue of infertility, there are many psychological challenges a lovely pair would face.

Having a conversation in any fertility centre Malaysia is a healthy sign of building up a family system. This is because the problem needs to be discussed and diagnose.

There are possibilities that people will shy away topic in discussing issues on sexual organs. Those topics are categorized as sensitive. Visit KL Fertility Centre today to have a check-up.

This article has sorted out some of the sensitive questions.

   polycystic ovarian syndrome

1.    Intercourse Frequency

Intercourse is a very personal issue when comes to conversation. However, when you are meeting with the doctor, this is one of the unavoidable questions. Generally, higher intercourse frequency will get a higher probability of pregnant.

The doctor advises that if couples did not see pregnancy after a high intercourse frequency within a year, couples need to consult doctors for infertility treatment. Couples may wonder how many times should be categorized in high frequency. The answer is borderless, any numbers more than one will do.

Furthermore, position during intercourse does not matter much in getting fertile. However, the condition of endometriosis in Malaysia and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) do affect infertile.


2.    Sexually – Transmitted Disease Before Marriage

This is something like nobody will want to discuss. Some couples decide to keep it for years with the previous case. This is a dangerous issue that it is best when you able to discuss it with the infertility specialist.

This discussion can be carried out privately without spouse consent. Generally, sexually transmitted disease definitely will affect infertility. The sexually transmitted disease such as STIs and HPV.

These diseases may give an impact on reproductive health in the long run especially the HPV. Specialist reminds that safe sex is the prevention of disease transmission and fertility too. STIs is the disease that has no symptoms and not able to detect for many years.  

3.    Previous Abortion Case

Previous abortion affects fertility. This is the most essential piece of details for the doctors to plan treatment. Doctors have to adjust the treatments based on body condition.

There is an issue that the wife from a couple may not want to let her spouse know about previous abortion. This information can be kept private by the doctor if you mentioned it is confidential to the spouse.

   infertility treatment

4.    Effect of IVF Treatment   

IVF and IUI for infertility treatment are the common treatment carried out. Here raised the question such as can the couple intercourse during IVF treatment, or is the heavy discharge normal during IVF treatment?

Normally, there is no scientific evidence that supports either yes or no to have sex during IVF treatment. In other words, you can have sex, but it is safer not to have.

For woman, hormonal changes can be affected by injection during the IVF process. Thus, heavy discharge is normal but if have itchy symptoms or smells bad, is best to consult a doctor.

5.    Problems in Collecting Specimen for Sperm Test

If you’ve been heard of egg freezing procedure, sure you will understand the semen analysis. Semen analysis is one of the male fertility tests carry out for fertility treatment.

There are devices such as tv and magazines to triggers man sensory to get warmed up. However, stress and pressure may block all this trigger and effectively affect the sperm collecting process.

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