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Types of Office Spaces and Its Advantages

As things are starting to go online, there are many people that work from home.

This means that offices are no longer like how it used to be. There are many sizes of offices now as the nature of business widely varies.

Companies that heavily rely on technology will require a smaller space while companies that focus more on physical manpower will require larger office space.

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So, depending on the nature of your business, different businesses would want a different office for rent in KL.

It is because of this evolution, there are many types of offices available that cater to different needs.

Here are a few types of office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur:

1. Serviced offices

A serviced office in Kuala Lumpur is a fully furnished, pay as you use office space that is typically located in a building.

They are an example of a part of a growing global shift, as businesses look for a more adaptive way of acquiring office space.

These office spaces are usually rented as individual office units or the entire floor for bigger companies.

Typically, serviced office Malaysia has become a popular concept in the country as it is very convenient.

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This is because it provides you access to shared facilities that you pay for only when you use.

In contrast to that, normal offices with no facilities would have to buy their own gym equipment for employee’s comfort despite it not being often used.

This will incur more cost and is less convenient.

Benefits of service office

With that said, one of the benefits of a serviced office in Kuala Lumpur is that it has flexible and short rental terms. Check out CEO Suites to find out more.

Many places offer contracts that are as short as one month.

This is suitable for businesses that are agile and want to work in a space that can expand or reduce at short notice.

Start-up businesses with this nature would prefer a serviced office.

Also, there is no delay after move in. As all facilities are already provided for you, you can immediately work instead of having to wait for the furniture to move in or cables to set up.

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2. Virtual office

A virtual office in Malaysia is different from other offices as it provides a business office address without a physical office space.

This means that you can remotely work from home while your business maintains a physical presence.

Virtual offices come with business postal addresses that allow businesses to be recognizable.

Along with that, a receptionist will be there at the address of the virtual office to answer calls and arrange meetings.

This makes it less virtual. If you are a business that heavily relies on technology such as a digital marketing firm, this is a choice for you.

Be sure to look for the cheapest virtual office in KL.

Benefits of virtual office

As mentioned, a virtual office allows your business to look more professional, credible and legitimate.

There is an important factor to gain market share. You wouldn’t want your customers to think that the company is shady.

Choosing a virtual office in a well-known area will boost the profile of your business.

The address will even appear on name cards.

Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, all you need is the internet connection.

With that, you can save the hassle of traveling around and stay as productive as you would be in an actual office.

The last best deals of having a virtual office in Malaysia is that you have no long-term commitments as most payments are on a monthly basis.

3. Coworking spaces

As the name states, this is a shared workplace with a collaborative environment.

Just like the concept of a library, space is shared based on mutual trust and the sharing of common value.

If you want to host meetings in spaces like this, there is a meeting room for rent in the spaces.

This provides a solution for many freelancers who do not wish to be stuck at home all day.

The location of these spaces is usually strategic, thus, there are a few coworking spaces in KL which is highly accessible to anyone.

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